VATSHOP International Limited specialized in international VAT reclamation services. We assist clients from all corners of the globe to claim back their overseas tax expenditures. Our processing center recovers more than GBP 3,000,000 foreign tax refunds annually. We have numerous offices around the world to provide a localized service for our worldwide clients.

VATSHOP have the expertise to efficiently reclaim VAT refunds from over 16 major countries. With a dedicated international VAT research team, VATSHOP has up to the minute knowledge of the constantly changing EU and non EU VAT laws and regulations. This ensures that we can maximize the refund potential for each of our clients.

We understand that in business, time is in short supply. Therefore, we have crafted a Business VAT Reclamation Service that makes VAT refund quick and easy. By using VATSHOP, you can focus on your core business activities while we take care of VAT refund process at its maximum return. VATSHOP is committed to excellent, best-valued, and friendly VAT reclamation service to all businesses.